Following the Paths of Croatian nobles
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Following the Paths of Croatian nobles

Kumrovec - Miljana - Desinić - Kumrovec

Following the Paths of Croatian nobles

This cycling route leads through the valuable historical localities, characteristic for the Zagorje region. The route begins in the center of Kumrovec 1, hometown of the world famous statesman, marshal Josip Broz Tito, with a unique image of the traditional building style in the Museum “Staro selo” (Old village) Kumrovec and preserved tangible and intangible heritage of Zagorje. Ride down the Josip Broz Street and turn right at the intersection. Soon you will reach the Y intersection 2 (1 km from start) and then turn right towards Zagorska Sela. After the turn, on your right side, you will see the manor Razvor. Continue down the road with less traffic, along the old railway track from Kumrovec with a view of the church of Holy Cross, situated on the hill in nearby Slovenia. After 5,4 km from the start, you will reach the center of the idyllic village Zagorska Sela, situated on the ridge. Ride by the private manor Poklek in the woods next to the road and continue riding towards the village of Miljana. In Miljana (10 km from start) you can rest or stay overnight at the tourist farm Šumak, and visit the castle Miljana (prior visiting notice required). At the intersection 3, turn right and continue towards Desinić.  You will notice the cycling route from Luka Poljanska on the left. Continue riding to the unique medieval fortress, the castle Veliki Tabor, at the 14th km of the route 4. You will pass by the tourist farm Grešna gorica and after 16,4 km you will enter Desinić. At the intersection 5, turn left and then continue towards the village of Gaber. After 17,5 km, at the intersection 6 with a small chapel, turn right onto the narrow asphalted path. Continue down the ridge roads with wonderful views of the surroundings. Soon you will reach the Y intersection 7, where the asphalted and macadam road intersect. Turn right onto the macadam road, ride to the intersection 8 and then turn left downhill. Near the intersection, there is a nice small chapel. Soon you will reach a plain. Continue riding through the picturesque countryside of the hidden valley of northwestern Zagorje and enjoy. In the village of D. Jalšovec, 9 22,5 km from the start, at the intersection with crucifix turn first right then left and continue riding down the macadam road through the valley. After the picturesque valley, over the hill, you will reach the intersection 10 where you must carefully turn left, and soon after that, at the intersection 11, turn right onto the narrow asphalted road. Continue riding uphill the short steep ascent that will soon turn into a ridge path with magnificent views all the way until the Y intersection 12, 27,5 km from the start. At the intersection, turn right and continue downhill. On your way, you will pass by traditional houses. At the intersection 13, turn twice left and then continue to the east. The cycling route continues further to the Y intersection (30 km from start), where you must turn right. Ride slowly downhill to the bigger Y intersection 14 and Zelenjak, where you will find one of most important monuments in Croatia – the monument to the Croatian national anthem “Lijepa naša domovino” (“Our Beautiful Homeland”.), written in this area by the poet Antun Mihanović. At the intersection, turn right and ride slowly back to Kumrovec, where this historically interesting and beautiful cycling route ends.

Technical description

  1. Beginning of the route in the center of Kumrovec. Start riding to the west.
  2. Y intersection. Turn right towards Miljana and Zagorska Sela. To the left, the road to Slovenia branches off. After the turn, visit the manor Razvor.
  3. Y intersection. Turn right towards Desinići. At the intersection, there is a store, tavern and tourist farm Šumak. Resting place.
  4. Y intersection. Continue straight forward. To the left, the road to the castle Veliki Tabor branches off.
  5. At the intersection turn left. In the center of Desinić, there is a market and a tavern. Nice place to rest.
  6. Intersection with a small chapel. Turn right onto the narrow asphalted road. Keep riding uphill.
  7. Y intersection. Turn right onto the macadam road. The asphalted road continues to the left.
  8. Y intersection. Turn left slightly down the hill. On the road to the right, 30 meters from the intersection, there is a small chapel. You should visit it.
  9. Intersection with crucifix. First turn right, and then (after 10 meter) left. Continue down the macadam road.
  10. Caution! Intersection. Turn left. Be careful when approaching the intersection because of the downhill. After the turn, you will pass by a tavern and a market.
  11. T intersection. Turn right onto the narrow asphalted road.
  12. Y intersection. Turn right, downhill. To the left, the cycling route 1 (area of Tourist Board of Tuhelj), branches off.
  13. Y intersection. Turn left. Right after the turn, there is a Y intersection where you should turn left and continue to the east.
  14. Y intersection. Turn right. At the intersection, in Zelenjak, there is a historical monument (obelisk) to the Croatian anthem “Lijepa naša domovino”.

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