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Unforgettable Views from Vinagora

Desinić - Mali Tabor - Miljana - Desinić

Unforgettable Views from Vinagora

This route will take you down the asphalted road that winds between houses, vineyards and orchards to one of the most beautiful views of Zagorje (to the west from Pregrada) – Vinagora (407 MSL), with the church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, through idyllic and charming hills and through the lowland areas of the county.

The route starts in the center of Desinić 1 and takes you to the village of Gaber. Along the way you, will pass by the winery Hajduk and at the intersection 2, 3,8 km from the start, turn left and follow the signpost for Vinagora. After the turn, you will reach a ridge with nice views, and after that somewhat steeper ascent will start, which will pay off in the end. After a short, but steep ascent, you will reach the Vinagora 3 next to the beautiful parish church with “cinktor” (brick fence) and inner arcades and the Chapels of St. Roch and St. Florian. Be sure to stay awhile and enjoy the unforgettable views of Zagorje hills and hamlets. After Vinagora, start riding to the north using the ridge road with wonderful views. In the village of Košenine, at the Y intersection 4, keep right and you will reach the Municipality of Hum na Sutli (Hum on the river Sutla). Continue descending and take short breaks to enjoy the magical views. After 12,2 km from Desinić you will reach the manor Poredje, today the convent of the Carmelite Sisters. Soon you will reach the Y intersection 5 with the main road where you must cautiously turn right towards the village of Mali Tabor. On the way to the center of the village 6 and the church of St. Peter, you will pass by the castle of Mali Tabor. In the village, you can take a short break in the tavern. At the intersection next to the church 6 (13,8 km from start), turn left and continue to the west and descend towards the river Sutla. You can still enjoy the magnificent views of the surroundings. Soon you will pass by the manor Halužan and come to the Y intersection 7 with a small chapel where you must turn left towards the villages of Zagorska Sela and Donje Brezno. Kilometer by kilometer, you are getting closer to the quiet and peaceful valley of the river Sutla. As the road slowly straightens its direction, you are riding along the left riverbank, with Slovenia to the right. Afterwards, the route passes through a very peaceful area with reduced car traffic. This is an opportunity for further enjoyment in the natural beauties of the area, while from the road you can see the valley of the river Sutla. After 23,5 km of the ride you will pass the dam and continue to the south. At the Y intersection 8 with crucifix (24,2 km ride), keep right and soon you will pass by the Olimia spa resort in Slovenia. In the spa, you can relax and refresh, especially in summer. Continue the ride through Luka Poljanska until the intersection 9 (at 26,3 km of the route), where you continue straight forward. Soon you will pass by the old sawmill and the international border crossing and reach the village of Miljana, where you can rest at the tourist farm Šumak. At the intersection 10, turn left and then continue towards Desinić. The route continues along the picturesque castle of Veliki Tabor 11, and after 37 kilometers of the circular route, you are again in Desinić.

Technical description

  1. Beginning of the route in Desinić. Start towards the village of Gaber.
  2. Y intersection. Turn left and continue towards Vinagora, 1 km away.
  3. Vinagora. The unforgettable belvedere of the entire Zagorje region. Worth the steep ride up the hill.
  4. Y intersection. Turn right. After the turn, there are nice views to the north.
  5. Caution. Y intersection. Turn right and continue towards Mali Tabor.
  6. T intersection with the church of St. Peter. At this point, turn left downhill.
  7. Y intersection with a small chapel. Turn left towards the valley of the river Sutla.
  8. Y intersection with crucifix. Turn right.
  9. Y intersection. Keep riding straight forward towards the village of Miljana.
  10. Y intersection. Turn left towards Desinić. At the intersection, there are market, tavern and tourist farm Šumak.
  11. Y intersection. Continue straight forward. To the left, the road to the castle Veliki Tabor branches off.

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