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The Toplice Route

GP Razvor - Kumrovec - Tuheljske Toplice - Krapinske Toplice - Začretje - Bedekovčina - Marija Bistrica - Komin

The Toplice Route

The second most important cycling route in the Krapina-Zagorje County is the state connecting route that traverses the county west to east, from the Slovenian border near Kumrovec via Krapinske Toplice, Začretje and Bedekovčina, all the way to Marija Bistrica, continuing towards Komin in the Zagreb county and further down towards Križevci and Bjelovar. Since the route starts near the Slovenian thermal spa resort Podčetrtek and continues via Tuheljske Toplice and Krapinske Toplice, it got the name the ‘Toplice’ Route (“toplice” meaning “thermal spas”). The main Slovenian state cycling route No. 6 is just one kilometre away from the border, trailing the border with Croatia from Brod na Kupi all the way to the Lupinjak border crossing, near the source of the river Sutla.

The route’s starting point 1 is at the Razvor border crossing point with Slovenia at the state road D-205. Ride for 400 metres and then turn right 2 onto the gravel road leading to the sports field. After 300 metres, turn right again until you’re back on the concrete road. Keep going for another 300 metres to the main road, where the state connecting route Sutla splits off to the left. Carefully cross 3 the main road and ride for another 400 metres to the entrance to the Folk Village of Kumrovec with authentic preserved farmhouses. The Circular county route merges from the left here; simply continue down the road for another 300 metres through the Folk Village (‘Etno selo’), passing Josip Broz Tito’s childhood home. At the end of the Folk Village, first make a right turn 4, and then immediately another left, onto state road D-205. Keep riding carefully for 300 metres down the state road and then turn 5 left onto the picturesque local road in the direction of Risvica.
After two short inclines, you’ll reach the top of a hill 6, where you need to turn right and then immediately left, down the hill. Turn right at the T-junction 7, and when you reach the next intersection 8 next to the wayside cross, turn left. After that, you can enjoy a 3.5 km ride down a wider, yet less busy road to Tuhelj 9, where you’ll come to a slightly busier road at the T-junction. Turn right at the said road. After riding for 1.1 km, once again turn onto the local road 10 on your left. Then after 400 metres, make a right turn at the Y-junction 11. At the 11.8-km point from the start, you will have reached the popular resort Tuheljske Toplice, where you can enjoy some refreshments, relax, and even go for a swim. Here, carefully turn left onto the main road at the intersection 12, followed by a right turn after 300 metres, near the Mihanović Castle 13, and then immediately a left turn at the Tuheljske Toplice town entrance. Keep going for 700 metres through the town, then turn left at the intersection with the main road 14. The section that follows is a somewhat more challenging 5.3-km long stretch to Krapinske Toplice with two inclines, boasting a 60 metre difference in elevation.

At the entrance to Krapinske Toplice, use the pedestrian crossing 15 to cross the dangerous state road D-507 and then immediately take a right turn. At the Krapinske Toplice town centre, turn left 16 towards the hospital and the parking lot, and as you come to the main road to Krapina, make a left turn 17. What follows is a somewhat more challenging part of the route along the 4.5-km picturesque and slightly busier county road. At exactly 24 km from the starting point, take a right turn 18, onto the quiet local road, through the picturesque Pačetina brook valley, and continue down the same roads as the Zagorje Route in the direction of Začretje. Turn left 19 3.4 km after the starting point, and then take a right turn 20 as soon as you cross the railroad tracks. After that, just continue straight down the road towards the church and after 650 metres and a small incline you’ll find yourself in the picturesque Začretje town centre with the church of the Holy Cross and the Žitnica museum. Be careful here at the T-junction as you’ll be merging onto the main road by turning 21 right and then left at the church immediately after. At this point, the Zagorje Route turns right, and you should continue straight down the road and cross the overpass over the Zagreb – Krapina highway. After this, you will come to the T-junction 22, where you should turn right and then left 23 towards Bedekovčina after riding 1.8 km further down the road.

After a 5.9 km section which includes a shorter incline at the beginning, you’ll reach Bedekovčina, where you should take a left turn 24 with caution, onto the quite busy state road D-24. Continue for 600 metres down the state road, then turn left with caution, at the next intersection 25 to the town centre of Bedekovčina, and after another 600 metres 26, return to the main road on the left with equal caution. Ride for 300 metres and then turn right 27 in the direction of the Bedekovčina lakes. The following section is a quiet ride along the lakes where you should first take a right turn, onto the gravel road next to the Fishing Lodge. Then, at the intersection 28, turn right onto the road that leads to a narrow bridge over the Krapina river. The road continues along the overpass above the Zabok – Zlatar Bistrica highway to Vučak. At the junction 29, you take a left turn and immediately left again. You soon come to a slightly rough, but only 1.1-km long gravel road through the forest and fields.

After merging onto the paved road 30, turn left first, and then immediately right towards Marija Bistrica. Ride for 3 kilometres, then at the intersection 31, where the County route comes from the right, continue straight, or make a brief detour right, to the famous picnic area Lojzekova Hiža. When you reach the intersection 32 with state road D-307, just keep going straight with caution. The intersection is followed by a 3.5 km ride down the slightly busier road with a short incline, after which you’ll arrive in Marija Bistrica, the principal Croatian Marian shrine, 51.4 km from the starting point. Having arrived in Marija Bistrica, at the first intersection 33, turn left and, after 300 metres, continue straight uphill to the square of John Paul II. Caution is needed here because a small section of the road directly to the Square is one-way. In addition to visiting the sanctuary and buying the famous Bistrica gingerbread products, you can take the opportunity to relax and enjoy some refreshments. The route continues from the square of John Paul II to the east, with the County Route turning left for Konjšćina, and the Toplice Route turning right onto 34 Ljudevit Gaj Street in the direction of Zelina.

The last part of the route in the County, which is 5.7 km long, passes through a picturesque hilly landscape. It is also a bit more strenuous due to two large inclines with differences in elevation of 70-80 metres. Turn left at the end of the first incline near the wayside cross 35, then again left downhill, at the second incline at the Y-junction 36 at the exit from the Krapina-Zagorje County. After that, there’s another steep incline at the section towards the village of Prepolno, followed by a long descent towards the Lonja river valley. Turn right 37 at the T-junction immediately after the descent, then left 38 in Gornje Orešje onto a quiet local road through a picturesque valley towards Komin. Those wishing to visit Zelina can continue right. When you reach Komin, turn left at the intersection 39, and – after 700 metres up a short incline – make a sharp right turn 40, followed by another right immediately after, to reach the magnificent Church of the Three Kings. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the church and take in the view of the surrounding hills. Afterwards, turn 41 left and downhill and then right immediately after towards the town centre of Komin. The Toplice Route ends here 42, next to the store and the café, but the state connecting route continues further east over the peaceful hills of Prigorje towards Križevci and Bjelovar.

Technical description

  1. The route’s starting point is at the Razvor border crossing point at the state road D-205.
  2. After 400 metres, turn right onto the gravel road and, after another 300 metres, make another right turn onto the paved road.
  3. Cross the state road carefully and cycle through the Folk Village of Kumrovec.
  4. Turn right at the end of the Folk Village and then left, onto the state road.
  5. After 300 metres, turn left onto the local road to Risvica.
  6. At the top of the hill, turn right and then immediately left downhill.
  7. Turn right at the T-junction.
  8. After 400 metres, turn left at the wayside cross.
  9. At the T-junction in Tuhelj, turn right onto the busy county road (with caution).
  10. Turn left onto the local road.
  11. Turn right at the Y-junction.
  12. With caution, turn left onto the main road.
  13. At the Mihanović Castle, turn right and then immediately left.
  14. At the intersection with the main road, turn left.
  15. At the entrance to Krapinske Toplice, use the pedestrian crossing to cross the dangerous state road D-507 and then immediately turn right. The centre of Krapinske Toplice is a great place to unwind.
  16. Turn left toward the hospital and parking lot.
  17. Turn left onto the main road towards Krapina.
  18. Turn right onto the local road to Začretje.
  19. Turn left toward the railroad tracks.
  20. Turn right immediately after crossing the railroad and ride straight down the road and in the direction of the church.
  21. At the T-junction, be careful to turn right onto the main road, then turn left next to the church, and then continue straight down the road.
  22. After crossing the overpass over the highway, turn right at the T-junction.
  23. Turn left towards Bedekovčina.
  24. Upon arrival in Bedekovčina, carefully turn left onto the state road D-24.
  25. Turn left and enter the town centre of Bedekovčina.
  26. Return back onto the main road on the left with caution.
  27. Turn right in the direction of the Bedekovčina Lakes, then immediately right again onto the gravel road.
  28. Turn right onto the road that leads to a narrow bridge over the river Krapina.
  29. After crossing the overpass, turn left in Vučak and immediately left again right after.
  30. After reaching the paved road, turn left and immediately right towards Marija Bistrica.
  31. Continue straight at the turnoff leading to Lojzekova Hiža.
  32. After arriving on the D-307 state road, continue forward with caution.
  33. Turn left and after 300 metres continue straight uphill – a great place to rest and recharge.
  34. In the town centre of Marija Bistrica, turn right along Ljudevit Gaj Street towards Zelina.
  35. At the top of the rising slope, turn left near the wayside cross.
  36. At the Y-junction, turn left downhill.
  37. At the T-junction, turn right in the direction of Zelina.
  38. In Gornje Orešje, turn left and follow the local road towards Komin.
  39. Upon arrival in Komin, turn left at the intersection.
  40. Make a sharp right turn uphill and then another right to the Church of the Three Kings.
  41. At the church, turn left downhill and then right.
  42. The route comes to an end in the town centre of Komin near the store and the café.

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