The Sutla Route
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The Sutla Route

Kumrovec - Miljana - Hum na Sutli - Đurmanec

The Sutla Route

The third most important cycling route in Krapina-Zagorje County is the state connecting route Sutla, which runs through the Sutla river valley along the border with Slovenia from Kumrovec via Zagorska Sela, Hum na Sutli and Lupinjak near the source of Sutla to Đurmanec. There it converges into the state route Trakošćan. The route starts not far from the childhood home of Josip Broz Tito, at the intersection of the state Toplice Route and County Route 1 in the one-of-a-kind Folk Village of Kumrovec, with numerous authentic, preserved farmhouses. The route leads to the west and – after 500 metres – turns right 2 onto the state road D-205 (caution needed), while the Toplice Route continues straight along the service road towards the football field. Ride for 700 metres along the state road and then turn right 3 onto the county road Ž-2152 towards Miljana. After 4 kilometres of driving through the picturesque valley of the Sutla, you come to Zagorska Sela. As you reach the sharp bend 4, continue along the main road to the left next to the picturesque church of St. Catherine. After riding for another 4.8 kilometres, you’ll find yourself in Miljana, known for its beautiful castle, where you should turn left 5 towards the border crossing. After 400 metres, instead of crossing the border, turn right 6 onto a quiet narrow local road that stretches alongside Sutla. Ride for 1.1 kilometres and continue left at the Y-junction 7, turn right 8 after another 900 metres, and then ride for another 12 kilometres through the picturesque Sutla valley with a view of the famous Slovenian thermal resort Podčetrtek and the Sutla Lake reservoir.

After cycling on mostly flat terrain for 24.5 kilometres, counting from the start of the route, turn right at the T-junction 9 near the village of Prišlin, where you’ll have to get over the only major uphill incline on the route, with a difference in elevation of 140 metres. However, after making your way uphill to the picturesque town of Mali Tabor, you can enjoy a magnificent view of neighbouring Slovenia. In the centre of Mali Tabor, near the church, continue forward 10 and soon you will reach the municipal centre Hum na Sutli. Here you will reach the state road D-206, where you need to turn left 11 and then very carefully ride downhill to the river Sutla and the border crossing to Slovenia. At the border, turn right 12 along the Sutla River next to the famous glass factory and ride along the relatively low-traffic but wide state road D-207. After riding for 8.5 kilometres, turn right 13 towards Đurmanec at the T-junction near the important border crossing Lupinjak (be careful because the motorists on the road coming from Slovenia have the right of way). There’s a bit more traffic over the last 6 kilometres of the route on the state road D-207, and the route ends at the roundabout in Đurmanec 14, where you will reach the Trakošćan Route – you can follow it north, towards Trakošćan or south towards Krapina.

Technical Description

  1. The route starts in the Folk Village of Kumrovec near the childhood home of Josip Broz Tito; turn west there.
  2. Turn right onto state road D-205 (with caution).
  3. Turn right onto the county road Ž-2152 towards Miljana.
  4. In Zagorska Sela, at a sharp bend, continue along the main road to the left.
  5. In Miljana, turn left towards the border crossing.
  6. Instead of crossing the border, turn right onto the local road.
  7. At the Y-junction, continue left.
  8. Turn right along the river.
  9. In Prišlin, turn right at the T-junction uphill.
  10. At the church in Mali Tabor, continue straight.
  11. In Hum na Sutli, you’ll merge onto the state road D-206, where you should carefully turn left downhill.
  12. At the border crossing, turn right.
  13. At the T-junction, turn right with caution because motorists on the road from Slovenia have the right of way
  14. The route ends at the roundabout in Đurmanec, where you can keep going north towards Trakošćan or south towards Krapina.

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