The Stubica Heritage Route – Donja Stubica
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The Stubica Heritage Route – Donja Stubica

Donja Stubica – Gornja Stubica – Donja Stubica
The Stubica Heritage Route – Donja Stubica

The Stubica region is best known for Matija Gubec and the Peasant Revolt, which took place in this area in 1573. However, the region is much more than that and on the 16.5-km long ‘Stubica Heritage’ cycling route, you have a chance to learn more about its rich cultural and historical heritage. The route is family-friendly, easy, without long uphill sections, and intended for MTB/Gravel, and trekking cyclists.

The route starts in front of Terme Jezerčica, a must-visit for families visiting the Stubica region. Before or after enjoying the thermal waters of Jezerčica, be sure to get on your bike and take a short ride to get to know the Stubica region.

The route starts in front of the Terme entrance and heads south. Watch out for the level crossing (marked by St. Andrew’s cross), and turn left at the intersection with Toplička Cesta. Ride along the main road to the town centre, where you will be greeted by the Fountain of Friendship, the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Feller Family Park, after which you should turn right into Obrtnička Street. DS1. Ride down the street, which is never too busy, and when you reach DS2, turn left towards the restaurant Majsecov Mlin, located on the right side. Continue west, across the stream, following a gravel road, after which you will reach the intersection with Dubravačka Cesta (paved road). There you should continue straight ahead, cycle down the street to the T-junction, where you need to turn right towards DS3. Turn right onto the forest road and the marked path of the Dubrava Educational Trail. Refresh yourself at the well-kept spring and read the educational signs. Keep to the right after exiting the forest; after a short and steep downhill section, you come to the DS4 intersection. Turn right and ride on the main road for the next 2.6 km. Be mindful of traffic. Keep to the main direction and turn right at the DS5 intersection. After 50 m, continue straight, towards the most demanding uphill section on this route. At the top of the elevated section you will find the Peasants’ Revolt Museum – Oršić Castle, with the Monument to Matija Gubec, facing the west. After sightseeing and enjoying the view of the Stubica valley, continue the route on foot down a landscaped stepped promenade and through the tree-lined alley to the road. Continue cycling; at the intersection with the main road, continue straight to the DS6. If you’re looking for a refreshment, make your way 100 metres down the road to the Gubec Linden Tree. Under the tree’s branches, at the Klet pod Lipom Restaurant, enjoy their pleasant service. The Gubec Linden Tree is the only living witness of the Peasants’ Revolt, standing proud next to the church of St. George and telling the story of Matija Gubec since 1573. On the way back to DS6, turn right to visit the Rudolf Perešin Memorial Park and an original MiG-21. The route leads you back to DS6, ride downhill to DS7, turn left onto the gravel road and then turn right after you reach the paved road. At DS8, turn left onto the gravel road and stick to it all the way to DS9, then turn right and ride down the street to the DS10 intersection. Big intersection, watch out for traffic! Turn left, ride down the main road to DS11. CAUTION!!! Make a sharp left turn onto the paved road, after 300 m you will reach the Golubovec Castle. Return to DS11, then turn left onto the gravel road that leads to the Golubovec fish-pond, which has been providing fishermen with a serene natural oasis since 1979. After a moment of rest in the silence of the fish-pond and the Golubovec forest, go back to DS11 once again, then turn left and ride down the road all the way to the starting point of the route and Terme Jezerčica.

The route is suitable for families and cyclists of poorer physical fitness. Watch out for traffic and enjoy the wealth of the heritage of Stubica.

For additional information, contact the Tourist Board of Donja Stubica and Gornja Stubica area.

For a safe and carefree ride, study the map and all the necessary information or hire a local licensed cycling guide. A list of active and licensed guides can be found here.

Technical description

Route start/endpoint: Donja Stubica – Terme Jezerčica
The route’s starting point is in front of Terme Jezerčica, extending towards the main road and eastward, towards the town centre of Donja Stubica.

  1. After passing the Church of the Holy Trinity in the centre, turn right into Obrtnička Street, and continue down the street.
  2. Y-junction, turn left onto the gravel road. Sign indicating Majsecov Mlin Restaurant. After about 50 metres, turn left towards the stream and continue on the gravel road.
  3. T-junction. Turn right onto a dirt forest road. The beginning of the Dubrava educational forest trail. Follow the trail signs.
  4. T-junction with the state road. Turn right and ride on the main road or the sidewalk for the next 2.6 km. Be mindful of traffic!
  5. Y-junction, turn right, ride straight for 50 m, start the climb up the incline. Follow the signs for the castle and the monument.
  6. Y-junction in the middle of the uphill section. To the left, onto a downhill section towards the Rudolf Perešin Memorial Park and the town centre of G. Stubica. To the right, for an uphill section leading to the Gubec Linden Tree and the restaurant.
  7. Turn left onto the gravel road, keep riding until you reach the end of the road – the T-junction with the paved road. Turn right, ride downhill for 220 m on the paved road, left onto the gravel road at the intersection.
  8. Intersection, turn right onto the gravel road before you reach the house. After 250 metres, turn left, then make a right turn right away, and ride until you reach a paved road.
  9. Upon reaching the T-junction on the paved road, turn right and ride down the road. Careful, narrow street.
  10. T-junction with the main road. Turn left, be careful at the intersection with the state road, continue left towards D. Stubica.
  11. CAUTION! Intersection, make a sharp left turn onto the paved road and continue towards the interior of the forest. 300 m down the road you will reach the Stubički Golubovec Castle. Intersection where you make a left when returning from the Golubovec fish-pond.

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