The Little Scientists Route - Oroslavje
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The Little Scientists Route – Oroslavje

The Little Scientists Route - Oroslavje

The Oroslavje region appears in historical sources since the 13th century as ‘Possessio Chernech’ (‘Črnec Estate’), while the first recorded mention of name Oroslavje dates back to 1474.

The name Oroslavje is most often associated with the name of the bird eagle (“orao” in Croatian) – a symbol of strength and freedom; however, its true meaning still remains unknown. You may discover the meaning as you explore the route:)

The route starts on the parking lot in front of the Zagi Restaurant and Hotel, where you can taste all the specialties of Zagorje. Head north towards the centre of Oroslavje. You will quickly find yourself in front of Vraniczany Park, which you can visit after your ride to rest and stretch your legs. The Oro1 intersection is located 100 m down the road from the park. Turn right onto Matija Gubec Street. Oro 2 intersection, to the right leading down to the well-landscaped park and fish-pond Vraniczany. After sightseeing, return to Oro2 and continue cycling down the gravel road towards the main road and Oro3 – turn left onto the uphill section. Oro4 in the middle of the uphill section, make a sharp right turn into Stjepan Ptiček Street. Ride down the quiet street to Oro5, a well-kept well where you need to make a left turn, onto a gravel road. It will lead you all the way through the valley. At Oro6, you can continue straight ahead to get a good look at a well-maintained and well-equipped Paintball polygon. Contact Paintball Dum-Dum for more information (see online). On the way back, turn right and follow the gravel road to Oro7, the intersection with the main road. Turn left onto a slight uphill section and then, upon reaching Oro8, turn right. Ride down the beautiful street all the way to Oro9, the beginning of a gravel road. Turn right, follow the road to Oro10, then make a sharp left turn. Gentle uphill and downhill section. Oro11 intersection, turn right to visit the Tobiano Western Ranch Equestrian Club – riding school (see online). Return to Oro11 and continue straight. Ride down the gravel road to Oro12, where you’ll find yourself back on the paved road. Turn left. Oro13 turn right and keep riding down the same street all the way to Oro14. T-junction with the main road. CAUTION! Turn right and, following the signs along the road, turn left right away. After about 100 metres, you will reach the “Science Park”, where you can learn about topics such as physics, astronomy, geography, and psychology in an innovative way. Here you will become Little Scientists:) When you are done sightseeing – and learning something new, continue along the same street to Oro15. Turn right, enter the Prpić Family Park, where the Donje Oroslavje Castle resides. Conclude the tour with a ride through the centre, reaching the starting point of the route, in front of the Zagi Restaurant and Hotel, where you can enjoy some proper refreshments after a pleasant ride.

The route is suitable for families and cyclists of poorer physical fitness. MTB, gravel, trekking bike.

Learn about the opening hours of Tobiano Ranch and Science Park.

For additional information, contact the Oroslavje Tourist Board.

For a safe and carefree ride, study the map and all the necessary information or hire a local licensed cycling guide. A list of active and licensed guides can be found here.

Technical description

Route start/endpoint: Oroslavje – the parking lot opposite the restaurant Zagi. The route heads north, to the centre of Oroslavje. After 330 m on the main road, first turn on the route.

  1. Intersection. Turn right onto Matija Gubec Street. The gravel road starts after 200 m.
  2. T-junction. Turn right onto the forest road. As you exit the forest, you will come across a well-maintained park and Vranyczany Lake. After some sightseeing, go back and continue right by the forest, towards the main road.
  3. T-junction with the main road. Turn left onto the uphill section, and after about 50 metres, make a sharp turn to the right.
  4. In the middle of the uphill section, make a sharp right turn into Ptičekova Street. Continue down the street (800 m) until you reach the well-kept well on the left.
  5. At the well, turn left onto the gravel road. For the next 1.3 km, ride without turning.
  6. Y-junction, gravel road. Continue straight to see the Paintball polygon, about 150 m from the intersection. Or make a sharp left turn to continue on the route.
  7. T-junction with the main road. End of the gravel road. Turn left. Intersection after 350 m.
  8. Intersection in front of the Mokrica community centre (on the left). Turn right and ride down the main street for the next 1.1 km.
  9. T-junction. Turn right onto the gravel road, keep left until the next T-junction. Start of the gravel road.
  10. T-junction. Turn left. Gentle ride downhill, then uphill to the intersection.
  11. X–junction. Turn right, ride under the shade of the tree tops all the way to Tobiano Ranch. On the way back from the ranch, continue straight.
  12. Y-junction. End of the gravel road. Turn left onto the paved road.
  13. Y-junction. Turn right.
  14. T-junction with the main road. Turn right, then immediately left down the street. Caution due to traffic.
  15. Intersection. Turn right into a narrow street. At the end of the street is the entrance to the park of the Prpić family where the Donje Oroslavje Castle is located.
  16. Exit from the park – roundabout. Continue straight (roundabout exit 2) through the centre until you reach the starting point.

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