The Kapelščak Route – Stubičke Toplice
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The Kapelščak Route – Stubičke Toplice

Stubičke Toplice
The Kapelščak Route – Stubičke Toplice

Stubičke Toplice is located in the southern part of Hrvatsko Zagorje, at the foot of the northern slopes of Mountain Medvednica, at the confluence of the Vidak and Topličina streams. Historically, the first written trace of Stubičke Toplice can be found in the Charter of the Hungarian-Croatian King Andrew II, dating back to 1209, with mention of both the toponyms, Toplice and Stubica. Numerous generations have spent their summer months in the pools of the Matija Gubec Hotel, in front of which you can find the starting point of the ride through Stubaki.

The route starts from the parking lot opposite the Special Hospital Stubičke Toplice and the Matija Gubec Hotel. Head north-west to the town centre of Stubaki. Turn left when you reach the ST1 intersection. Very quickly, you will come across ST2, where you need to turn left at the wayside cross, followed by a right turn into a narrow street at the next intersection. You will ride through a quiet street, with the kindergarten Zvirek on the right-hand side. At the ST3 intersection, paying attention to traffic, continue straight to ST4. Turn left and ride down the main road to ST5 and the wayside cross in the middle of the intersection. Make a sharp right turn, keep right without turning until you reach ST6 where you’ll arrive at the entrance to the equestrian rehabilitation club ‘Ritam s konjem’. Ask about their working hours. Go back to ST5, cycle right towards the south while enjoying the view of Sljeme, the peak of Medvednica. The 1991 Fokker-100 plane, mounted in full size, is certain to catch your eye. After enjoying the magnificent view, continue in the same direction to ST7, turn left into a side street, continue straight down the street till you reach the T-junction, ST8. Take a right turn, all the way to ST9, which is where the downhill section starts along the edge of the forest. When you reach ST10, turn right. The beginning of the gravel road. Follow the road to Lake Jarki and enjoy the nature. ST11 will lead you away from Lake Jarki towards the peak of Kapelščak. Turn left to continue. ST12 left again, riding in the shade of the forest. Shortly before ST13, you will find the Chapel of St. Catherine, where you can rest in shade, as you observe the surroundings from the highest point of the route. At ST13, turn left onto the main street until you reach the ST14 intersection with the main road. Turn right and enjoy a walk through the beautifully landscaped park which is also the end point of the route.

The route is suitable for families and cyclists of poorer physical fitness. Watch out for the traffic and enjoy the fresh air from Medvednica.

For additional information, contact the Stubičke Toplice Tourist Board.

For a safe and carefree ride, study the map and all the necessary information or hire a local licensed cycling guide. A list of active and licensed guides can be found here.

Tehnički opis rute

Route start/endpoint: Stubičke Toplice – the parking lot opposite the Special Hospital Stubičke Toplice. The route heads north, to the centre of Stubičke Toplice. After 450 m on the main road, first turn on the route.

  1. CAUTION!!! Dangerous Y-junction in the town centre of Stubičke Toplice. Turn left. After 300 m, turn left by the wayside cross.
  2. Intersection at the wayside cross on the opposite side. Turn left into the street and continue. 100 m from the turn, turn right at the first intersection.
  3. X-junction. Keep your eye on the traffic. Keep going straight.
  4. T-junction with the main road. Turn left.
  5. Intersection near the wayside cross. Make a sharp right turn and keep to the right side of the road.
  6. End of the paved road. Follow the sign for the ‘Ritam s konjem’ (Rhythm with a Horse) Center. Turn right into the courtyard leading up to the ‘Ritam s konjem’ Center.
  7. Intersection, turn left off the main road into the local street. After the stream, turn left toward the uphill section.
  8. T-junction. Turn right.
  9. Y-junction, turn left down the hill.
  10. T-junction. Turn right. The route continues on a good gravel road in the middle of the forest to Lake Jarki. Enjoy the nature.
  11. Lake Jarki – fishing lake. Do not disturb. Turn right to enter the Lake Jarki area. To continue, turn left onto the uphill section and a paved street.
  12. Y-junction. Turn left. Ride down the main street. Enjoy the vistas.
  13. Y-junction. Turn left to ride downhill along the paved road.
  14. T-junction with the main road. Turn right past the chapel. The route ends 200 m down the road.

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