The Erdody Route – Klanjec
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The Erdody Route – Klanjec

The Erdody Route – Klanjec

Klanjec, a small town of great and noble people, with a rich history and tradition, situated in the foothills of Cesarska Gora, by the river Sutla, on the Slovenian border. The town’s name is actually related to its geographical position; being at the entrance to the Zelenjak ravine, the name was derived from the Croatian word for ravine, i.e. ‘klanac’. It is a small town with great offer, lovely details, beautiful nature and architecture. Much of it is the doing of the noble family Erdödy, who ruled this area for four centuries; the picturesque charm and urban planning of the town is definitely their doing. The Novi Dvori Cesargradski castle – although now partially in ruins – is one of the most important castles in Hrvatsko Zagorje. The Franciscan monastery with the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 17th century, located on the lively Antun Mihanović Square, hides artefacts of enormous historical significance; there are two restored sarcophagi of the Erdödy family in the crypts open for visitors. Set off on a cycling tour of Klanjec and have a wonderful time.

The route starts on the parking lot next to the Antun Augustinčića Gallery, where informational tourist boards can be found by the bicycle rest area.

Head south-east for approx. 30 metres and you’ll reach the first intersection where you need to make a left. You’ll find yourself at Kl1, the entrance to A. Augustinčić Studio. Turn right towards the rising climb. If you have small children with you, dismount the bicycle and push it until you reach the top of the gradient. The Kuna Hunting Lodge is located at Kl2. Take a break after the ascent and enjoy the view of Klanjec. The route continues southwards, along a dirt road. Take caution. You’ll reach the intersection of Kl3. Continue straight ahead towards the picturesque chapel of St. Florian. Following a mild downhill gradient, you’ll immediately find yourself at the intersection of Kl4 and the beginning of a gravel road. Turn left onto the road. As you cycle down the forest gravel road, enjoy the shade and the view of Medvednica. Kl5 Y-junction, vineyards and traditional Zagorje vineyard houses (“kleti”) to your right. Keep going straight. Continue until you reach the chapel of Sts. Philip and James. Have a seat in front of the chapel, rest for a while and take in the eye-catching view. Continue down to the T-junction, Kl6, turn right towards the village of Novi Dvori Klanječki. Continue straight at all small intersections. When you reach the T-junction with the main road, Kl7, turn right. Be mindful of traffic. At Kl7 there is a children’s playground so you can relax in the shade. There is a 1.8 km ride between Kl7 and the next intersection. In the middle of this section of the route you will find the Stara Vodenica Restaurant, where you can enjoy some refreshments or make a reservation for a post-ride lunch. Kl8 turn right onto Lepoglavečka Street. After a short ride uphill, you’ll find yourself at the vantage point with a view of Klanjec and Slovenia. As you continue riding north, you’ll come to the well-kept Memorial Park with statues of the famous people of Klanjec. Continue straight, to the very town centre of Klanjec and the Y-junction. Kl9 turn right, ride uphill to the starting point of the route.

The route is suitable for families and cyclists of poorer physical fitness. MTB, gravel, trekking bike.

Learn about the opening hours of the Gallery and Studio of A. Augustinčić, Stara Vodenica Restaurant.

For additional information, contact the Pearl of Zagorje Tourist Board.

For a safe and carefree ride, study the map and all the necessary information or hire a local licensed cycling guide. A list of active and licensed guides can be found here.

Technical description

Route start/endpoint: Klanjec – a parking lot in the town centre just below the Franciscan Monastery; from there, we head eastward, turn left at the intersection and, after 100 m, reach Kl 1.

  1. Turn right in the street near the entrance to the Studio of Antun Augustinčić Gallery. Climb. Dismount the bike and walk to the top.
  2. Hunting lodge Kuna at the top of the uphill climb, with a paved roadway. Continue straight, past the patio seating onto the dirt forest road.
  3. Y-junction. Continue straight, down the paved road.
  4. Y-junction. Turn left up the mild incline.
  5. Y-junction. Keep going straight.
  6. T-junction. Turn right; a mild downhill slope.
  7. T-junction with the main road. Turn right and ride for another 1.8 km until you reach the next intersection.
  8. Y-junction. Turn right onto Lepoglavečka Street.
  9. Y-junction with the main road. Make a right turn and after a mild and short uphill climb, you will reach the starting point.

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