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Route of Belvederes

Pregrada - Đurmanec - Klenovec - Pregrada

Route of Belvederes

This cycling route is full of vantage points, which can be reached through stronger and steeper ascents, so it is somewhat difficult. Because of the difficulty of ascent, but also because of its beauty, especially notable is the belvedere of the green and forested Kunagora (522 m) above Pregrada, known for dag pistol shooters and tradition of the Easter dag pistol shootings.

The route begins at the central square Trg Gospe Kunogorske in Pregrada 1, in front of the magnificent parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known also as the “Zagorje cathedral”. Begin your ride to the south and towards the intersection 13 where you must turn left. Be careful while riding because of the car traffic.  Soon you will reach the roundabout 2, where you must continue straight forward and slightly uphill. Pass by the castle of Gorica and ride towards the village of Klenice crossing a pretty steep ascent, which will award you for each passed meter with a view of the surrounding vineyards and wine cellars. The route passes through Donja Plemenšćina and rises slowly through Prigorje until Putkovec. In the village of Putkovec, at the Y intersection 3 (9,4 km from start), keep the left side. After the intersection, the route goes downhill in direction of Đurmanec. Soon you will come to the Y intersection 4 where the route continues to the left, but we recommend you to turn right towards the center of Đurmanec. In Đurmanec, you can rest and refresh. After the intersection 4, continue riding towards Lupinjak. Be careful because of the increased traffic. You need to use the busy road because there is no alternative in this section of the route. After 17,3 km from Pregrada, you will reach the Y intersection 5. At the intersection, the route continues to the left, while the road on the right leads to the border crossing Lupinjak. At the intersection, there is a restaurant Tabor and gas station. After the turn, continue towards the village of Strmec Humski with the fresh water spring “Gmajina” (20 km from start). At the intersection 6 (22,5 km from start), turn left onto the road with less traffic and continue towards the village of Klenovec Humski. At the intersection, your route merges with the cycling route from Hum na Sutli. Soon you will pass near the forest road whose right branch leads to the medieval city of Vrbovac. In Klenovec, at the Y intersection 7, turn left and then continue along the picturesque landscape perfect for easy and relaxing ride. At the intersection 8 turn right, and then left onto the road for Kostel, where at the intersection 9 (27 km from start) you have to continue to the left. As you slowly ascent, there will be more and more views of the countryside. At the Y intersection 10 (28,8 km from start), where the asphalted and macadam roads intersect, keep the left side. Soon you will reach the highest point of the route – the belvedere on Kunagora 11. All the suffering and effort of the ascent will pay off while enjoying the magnificent view of the entire county. Continue riding with great caution because of the upcoming steep, asphalted downhill road. At the intersection 12. carefully turn left and continue down the road towards Pregrada. At intersection 13, continue left towards the center of Pregrada. The route ends here.

Technical description

  1. Beginning of the route in the center of Pregrada. Start riding to the south.
  2. Roundabout. Continue straight ahead and slightly uphill.
  3. Y intersection. Keep left.
  4. Caution! Intersection. Turn left and ride carefully using the busy road.
  5. Y intersection. Continue to the left. The road to the right leads to Slovenia.
  6. Y intersection. Turn left onto the road with less traffic.
  7. Y intersection. Keep left; pass the store and the tavern.
  8. T intersection. Turn right, and then left towards the village of Kostel.
  9. In the village of Kostel, at the intersection, keep the left side.
  10. Y intersection where asphalted and macadam road intersect. Continue to the left on the asphalted road.
  11. Belvedere on Kunagora (522 m) with the view of the entire Krapina-Zagorje County.
  12. Caution! T intersection. Turn left towards Pregrada.
  13. Y intersection. Turn left towards center of Pregrada.

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