Roads of Seljačka buna (Peasants' Revolt)
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Roads of Seljačka buna (Peasants’ Revolt)

Marija Bistrica - Sv.Matej - Gornja Stubica - Marija Bistrica

Roads of Seljačka buna (Peasants' Revolt)

This cycling route is very significant because it connects some of the most significant sites of the southeastern Zagorje, such as Peasants’ Revolt Museum and the Marian shrine in Marija Bistrica.

Begin your ride at the central square in Marija Bistrica 1 in front of the shrine of Marija Božja Bistrička (Our Lady of Bistrica) and continue along the Zagrebačka Street towards Laz. At the intersection 2, carefully continue straight forward. Soon a long ascent will begin and it will lead you to the small pass, called Laz. At Laz, there is a restaurant where you can rest, and at the intersection 3 (7,8 km from start) you must turn right towards Sv. Matej. The route continues downhill. Like all the routes in Zagorje, this route has also a number of ascents and descents, which – luckily – are not long, but very common. Soon you will pass through the center of the village of Sv. Matej and continue towards Gornja Stubica. The road is quiet with very few vehicles. 16 km from start, you will reach the center 4 of Gornja Stubica with the memorial park of Rudolf Perešin nearby. In the center, you can rest and refresh.

The route continues to the intersection 5 (16,8 km from start), there you must turn right and after 400 m you must turn right again 6 onto the narrow uphill road, which will lead you straight to the monument of Peasants’ Revolt and Matija Gubec 7, that dominates the area. Be sure to stay there a while and enjoy the view, and learn more about the Revolt in the nearby museum situated in the castle Oršić. At the intersection in front of the castle, the route continues to the right downhill to the Y intersection 8 (19,6 km from start). At the intersection, you must turn left and continue down the short, but steep ascent until the village of Pasanci, full of traditional architecture. The route continues down the narrow picturesque roads until the intersection 9 (21,2 km from start), where you must turn right downhill.

From this point on, the route goes over somewhat flatter terrain without hills. Soon, at the intersection 10 (23,7 km from start), turn left onto the picturesque road and ride to Lojzekova hiža. This is a great place to rest. After the break, continue to T intersection (25,8 km from start), turn right, and then at the intersection 11 (26,4 km from start) turn left, at house number 47d, onto a narrow asphalted road. The intersection can be easily missed, so be careful. Soon the macadam road begins as well as the ascent over the last hill of the route. After 28,4 km from start, in the village of Srebačići, at the intersection 12, you must turn right and continue down a narrow path. The path is good, but after the rain, it can be a bit muddy. The forest path soon continues as a picturesque macadam, and then as an asphalted road. In the village of Kutani, at the intersection with crucifix, keep right and soon you will reach a narrow path that passes by the fields and stud farm and leads to the village of Podgrađe. After Podgrađe, in the village of Prlićev Jarek, turn left at the intersection until you reach the intersection 13 (33,5 km from start). At the intersection, turn carefully right and continue riding carefully towards Marija Bistrica. After 36 km, you are again in the center of Marija Bistrica, where this route ends.

Technical description

  1. Beginning of the route in center of Marija Bistrica. Continue along Zagrebačka Street towards Laz.
  2. Caution. Y intersection, continue straight forward. Be careful at the intersection.
  3. Y intersection, turn right downhill towards Sv. Matej.
  4. Intersection, turn right. You can take a break at the main square in Gornja Stubica.
  5. Intersection, turn right.
  6. Y intersection. Keep right uphill towards the monument of Peasants’ Revolt.
  7. Peasants’ Revolt Museum and the castle Oršić.
  8. Y intersection, turn left onto the steep ascent towards the village of Pasanci.
  9. Intersection, turn right.
  10. Intersection, turn right and continue towards Lojzekova hiža.
  11. Caution. T intersection, turn left next to house number 47d. Intersection can be easily missed.
  12. T intersection, turn right. Soon you will continue down a narrow path.
  13. Caution. T intersection with the main road, carefully turn right.

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