Through the Nature Park Medvednica and Stubica region
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Through the Nature Park Medvednica and Stubica region

Sljeme - Sv. Matej - Donja Stubica - Sljeme

Through the Nature Park Medvednica and Stubica region

Extra hard route! This cycling route will lead you through the northeastern part of the nature park Medvednica and the picturesque hills of Stubica region. The route is very difficult and only good mountain bikes should be used. Be sure to get the Tourist-hiking map Medvednica, provided by the GSS (mountain rescue service –, which will help you orientate and ride up and down Medvednica. Most of the parts of the route are marked with hiking marks.

Begin the ride in front of one of the most popular sites on Medvednica, Tomislavov dom (Tomislav mountain lodge) 1. There are enough available parking lots next to the lodge. Continue the ride from the lodge towards the peak of Medvednica, Sljeme (1033 MASL) and continue towards the mountain lodges Puntijarka and Hunjka. After the peak, you will ride down the combination of macadam and forest roads. Along the way, you will pass by the Snježna kraljica (Snow Queen) facility. At the intersection 2, next to the mountain lodge Puntijarka, turn left onto the road to Hunjka. At the intersection 3 (4 km from start), next to the facilities Mala Hunjka and Dom obrtnika Hunjka (Craftsmen lodge Hunjka), turn right onto a wide macadam road that will lead you to the mountain lodge Gorščica. At the T intersection 4 (6,3 km from start), turn left. To the right, a macadam road to Markuševec branches off. Macadam road is in excellent condition and easily passable. 10,3 km from the start this good macadam road ends and the forest road (sometimes muddy due to rain) begins. At the Y intersection 5 (12 km from start), turn left towards the mountain lodge Gorščica. To the right, a macadam road to Vidovec branches off. At the next intersection 6(13 km from start) turn left.

Soon you will reach the mountain lodge Gorščica 7 (13,7 km from start). The lodge is situated 150 meters from the macadam road. You can rest at the lodge, because the difficult section of the route begins at this point. As the road continues, at the intersection 15 km from the start (site Križna jela, wooden facility), keep left and soon you will reach the steep section; pass carefully (possible mud). 16,8 km from the start, at the intersection with crucifix and two facilities, you must continue left towards Laz. At the intersection 8 (17,5 km from start), keep right and follow the hiking marks for Laz and Marija Bistrica. At the intersection 9 (18,6 km from start), turn left and follow the hiking marks for Laz. At the intersection, it is easy to miss the road and continue straight ahead (by mistake), so be careful. As you continue, you will come to the part with stairs, pass carefully and turn left at the T intersection 10 (19,3 km from start). The most difficult section of the route ends at the intersection, and the wide macadam road begins. You will pass by the football field and reach the village of Sv. Matej. There, 21 km from start, the macadam ends and at the intersection 11 (21,3 km from start), you must turn left towards Gornja Stubica.

After that, at the route leads you to the center of Gornja Stubica (25,7 km from start), where you can rest before you continue the ride. After Gornja Stubica, the route goes down a series of picturesque roads with reduced traffic. At the intersection 12 (26 km from start), keep left towards the site Gupčeva lipa (Gubec’s linden). At the next roundabout, turn right and at the intersection 13 (27,4 km from start) with crucifix, turn left onto the macadam road. Cross over the stream and at the intersection 14 with crucifix, turn left. You will ride down the roads that provide a real riding pleasure. At the intersection 15 (31,1 km from start), turn left onto the macadam road. The intersection can be easily missed, so be careful. Soon you will cross over the stream and pass by the agro tourism site Majsecov mlin. The macadam road soon ends and at the intersection 16 (Trg Matije Gupca), you must carefully turn left, and then again left in the Podgorska street. The road to the peak of Medvednica begins here. Ride slowly uphill and soon you will arrive in Donja Podgora where, at the intersection (34 km from start), you must keep right and follow the hiking marks for Sljeme and Zagreb.

The ascent gets more and more steep until the 38th km from start, where it starts slowly descending, but not for long, because at the intersection 17 (39,2 km from start), a new steep ascent begins. At the intersection, you will connect with the main road that leads to the peak of Medvednica. You will pass by the sites Fakultetsko dobro (Faculty goods) and after 46 km, you will pass by Hunjka. Continue down the road you came from. If you want an easier ride to the peak, you can continue down the asphalted road. After beautiful, but exhausting, 50 km of ride and height difference of over 1400 MAMSL, you will arrive to the Tomislavov dom, where the route started.

Technical description

  1. Sljeme (Medvednica), Tomislavov dom. Continue to the peak and radio and TV tower.
  2. Intersection at the mountain lodge Puntijarka, at the intersection continue left towards Hunjka.
  3. Y intersection. Keep right down the wide macadam road.
  4. T intersection, keep left towards the mountain lodge Gorščica.
  5. Y intersection, keep left and continue towards the mountain lodge Gorščica.
  6. Intersection, continue left onto the macadam road.
  7. Mountain lodge Gorščica. A great place to rest.
  8. Intersection, follow the hiking marks to Laz and Marija Bistrica.
  9. Y intersection, keep left. Follow the hiking marks to Laz.
  10. T intersection with a wide macadam road. Keep left towards Sv. Matej.
  11. Caution. Intersection, turn left.
  12. Intersection. Keep left next to the church and towards Gupčeva lipa.
  13. Intersection with crucifix. Turn left onto the macadam road.
  14. T intersection with crucifix, turn left.
  15. Intersection. Turn left onto the macadam road. Caution, intersection can be easily missed.
  16. Caution. T intersection, turn carefully left.
  17. Y intersection. Continue left on the main road towards the peak of Medvednica.

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