The Feller Route – Donja Stubica
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The Feller Route – Donja Stubica

Donja Stubica – Gornja Stubica – Donja Stubica
The Feller Route – Donja Stubica

The route is named after the famous pharmacist Eugen Viktor Feller and his family, who were very successful entrepreneurs in Donja Stubica. He moved to Donja Stubica in 1899. He is best known for producing the miraculous elixir Elsa Fluid, which he named after his mother’s nickname, Elsa. Feller’s products were being distributed from Donja Stubica worldwide via the local post office, which was quite a feat at that time.

If you want to hear the rest of the story about the Feller family, while exploring the famous Gubec Country, you can take the Feller Route, where you will enjoy the colours, scents and vistas of Donja and Gornja Stubica.

Both the starting point and the end point of the Feller Route are in the town centre of Donja Stubica, in the Feller family park, where you can see the original pharmacy building, as well as the factory and laboratory that were used for production purposes.

Head south on Obrtnička Street, at FDS1 turn left towards the Majsecov Mlin Restaurant located on the right. Continue west across the stream, following a gravel road. Soon you will reach the intersection with Dubravačka Cesta (paved road). You should continue straight ahead, cycle down the street to the FDS2 T-junction, where you need to turn right onto a dirt road and stay on it until you find yourself on tarmac and the local road which continues south towards FDS3. Turn left toward the field where the gravel road begins. Ride to the T-junction, turn right and follow the road, featuring a gentle rising slope. As you pass through the traditional Zagorje vineyards, enjoy the view and after passing through the village of Gornja Podgora, you will find yourself at the FDS4 intersection (the Grabrina store is on the left), where you need to turn right and then right again by the wayside cross. Follow the signs for Gupčeva Hiža, which you should reach after a few short uphill sections. After visiting Gupčeva Hiža (Gubec’s House), return to the FDS5 Y-junction, then turn right. At the FDS6 intersection, turn right, at Kraljice Mira Square, continue right towards the village of Slani Potok. Follow the signs for Dišeča Starina Folk Village. FDS7 turn right, and on the way back from the Folk Village continue straight. FDS8 intersection, be careful at the sharp right turn onto the road leading you to the town centre of G. Stubica. Having arrived at the town centre, FDS9, on the left, visit the Rudolf Perešin Memorial Park, the Gubec Linden Tree and the Gubec “Klet”, where you will be greeted by friendly hosts. The route continues east along the main road, keep your eye on the FDS10 point/intersection to turn in time towards the uphill section that leads to a picturesque lookout point with a view of the villages of Hum Stubički and Volavec. The route continues on a dirt road to FDS11, where you need to turn right, and passes the village of Hum Stubički. There you will come to a T-junction. Turn right towards Sekirevo Selo, follow the well-paved road. At the water pumping station, FDS12, continue to the right, onto a paved road. You will find yourself surrounded by lush green hills which are, in fact, still used as pastures. Make a stop in the middle of the uphill section, breathe in and smell the pristine nature, enjoy the view. As you continue, you will reach the town centre of Šagudovec. The FDS13 turn can be found at the wayside cross; turn left. Pay a visit to family farm OPG Ptić, located a few metres away in the direction of the route. In the family farm you can stock up on products of the pastures of Šagudovec. This is followed by a downhill section to the entrance to the forest road, FDS14. Ride carefully on the forest road, some sections are more challenging.

If you are too tired to ride through the forest, return to FDS12 where you turn right onto a gravel road that leads to the Burnjak Dam and the continuation of the route to G. Stubica.

After the ride through the forest, the route takes you to the Burnjak Dam (Croatian water management company) – an artificial dam, a detention basin that prevents large water waves in the Stubica valley. Continue downstream through the forest shade that follows you to the village of Pasanska Gorica. When you reach FDS15, turn right and uphill. At the top you will find the Peasants’ Revolt Museum – Oršić Castle and the monument to Matija Gubec. The route continues on the east side of the castle, where a dirt road leads you through the apple orchards next to the Matija Gubec Elementary School. Ride briefly along the main road to the beginning of the tree-lined alley. FDS16 turn left, after the cemetery turn right onto a gravel road and at the end of the road, turn left towards the uphill section. At the top of the uphill section, you will reach he intersection of FDS17. Continue straight onto the gravel road. Exit onto the paved road, FDS18, turn right and follow the road to FDS19. On your right, you will see the Stubički Golubovec Castle, which would become the Science and Education Center. Take the forest road to the left, to the Golubovec fish-pond, which is under the care of hard-working members of the Pastrva Sport Fishing Club (SRD). From the pond, continue on the gravel road to FDS20. Turn left and you will connect onto the main road that leads to the town centre of D. Stubica and the Route’s starting point in the Feller Family Park.

The route is ideal for MTB/Gravel/trekking bikes, and you can easily and effortlessly ride an e-bike, as well. Stronger physical fitness and advanced cycling skills are needed.

For additional information, contact the Tourist Board of Donja Stubica and Gornja Stubica area.

For a safe and carefree ride, study the map and all the necessary information or hire a local licensed cycling guide. A list of active and licensed guides can be found here.

Technical description

Route start/endpoint: Donja Stubica – Feller Family Park. Head south from the Park, to the right, down Obrtnička Street.

  1. Y-junction, turn left onto the gravel road. Sign indicating Majsecov Mlin Restaurant. After about 50 metres, turn left towards the stream and continue on the gravel road.
  2. T-junction. Turn right onto a dirt road. Continue down the dirt road to the T-junction with the paved road. Turn right, then left at the next intersection.
  3. Intersection after a short ride uphill between houses. Turn left toward the field. Turn right at the next T-junction.
    – View of Zagorje.
  4. T-junction. Turn right. Turn right at the next intersection at the wayside cross. Follow the signs for Gupčeva Hiža.
  5. Y-junction. Turn right onto the downhill slope. Caution, narrow watercourse bridge.
    – The childhood home of Matija Gubec.
  6. T-junction. Turn right, then continue to Kraljice Mira Square and continue right towards Slani Potok.
  7. Y-junction. Turn right, ride downhill, then uphill through the village to the Dišeča Starina Folk Village.
  8. Caution. Sharp turn right onto the road that will take you to the town centre of G. Stubica
  9. Town Centre of G. Stubica. Left – Memorial Park Rudolf Perešin and the Gubec Linden Tree. Right – the route continues towards Šagudovec.
  10. X-junction with side streets. Turn left up the incline.
  11. X-junction. Turn right. Turn right at the next T-junction.
  12. Y-junction. Turn right past the water system pumping station.
    – View of the pastures
  13. T-junction near the wayside cross. Turn left. A family-run farm ‘OPG Ptić’ after 100 m.
  14. Y-junction. Turn right onto a forest road. Be careful.
    – Burnjak Dam
  15. Intersection for the Peasants’ Revolt Museum. Turn right, ride uphill.
    – The monument to Matija Gubec, the Peasants’ Revolt Museum
  16. X-junction. Turn left toward the tree-lined alley.
  17. X-junction. Continue straight downhill. The beginning of the gravel road.
  18. T-junction. Turn right and continue to the Golubovec Castle.
  19. Intersection. Golubovec Castle is on the right. Forest road to Golubovec Fish-Pond on the left.
    – Golubovec Fish-Pond
  20. CAUTION intersection! Turn left onto the main road leading to the start of the route.

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