Down the hills, valleys and belvederes of northeastern Zagorje
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Down the hills, valleys and belvederes of northeastern Zagorje

Konjščina - Budinšćina - Zajezda - Konjščina

Down the hills, valleys and belvederes of northeastern Zagorje

Start the ride in the center of Konjščina 1. Do not worry if you arrive by car, because there are enough parking lots. From the center of Konjščina, start riding towards southeast over the railway lines to the Y intersection 2 (0,8 km from start), where you must continue to the left. Soon you will come to the intersection 3 (2 km from start), next to the factory yard. At the intersection, turn right towards Pešćeno and continue down the narrow and picturesque asphalted road. From here on, the route goes a bit up-and-down, but only this way you will get to know the Zagorje hills. After 6,7 km from start, in the village Vrbovo, at the Y intersection 4, turn left and continue uphill to the center of the village with a chapel and crucifix.

From here, the road is almost without traffic and the ride is very pleasant, especially in the fall and spring, when the surrounding forests and fields show their full colors. After 10,8 km from start, you will come to the intersection, where you must continue straight forward. However, you should also turn right and visit the site of the Hrašćina meteorite, which landed on the Earth in 1751. The route continues to the center 5 (11,5 km from start) of the village of Trgovišće, where you can rest and refresh, because this is the starting point of a short, but very steep ascent. After the break, at the intersection 5, you must first turn right next to the church, and then onto the first road to the left, steeply uphill, and follow the signposts for Vinski vrh. The ascent is steep and short, but the final reward is worth all the trouble, because after 600 m of the ride you will reach the ridge of the hill that offers a beautiful view of the surroundings.

The route continues next to the winery Vinski vrh and – at the 13th km from start – a good macadam road begins. Ride along the ridge road towards the village of Hunjeki, where at the T intersection 6 (15 km from start) you must turn left and start the easy ride downhill. Enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings and stop next to the Chapel of St. Benedict in the village of Kuzmani. Next to the chapel, at the T intersection 7 (17,5 km from start), turn right and carefully ride downhill to the intersection 8. At the intersection 8, turn right to the next intersection 9 (18,6 km from start), where you must continue carefully straight forward, onto the main road with more traffic. The ride down the main road (you can also use the sidewalk, for safety reasons) is short, and leads to the intersection 10, where you must carefully turn left and over the railway lines. After that, continue towards the village of Krapinica.

In the village of Gotalovec, next to the social center and shrine, at the intersection 11 (22,7 km from start), you must turn left and continue towards the village of Zajezda. The route continues along the southern part of Ivanščica, and at the intersection 12 (23,9 km from start) you must turn right. The intersection can be easily missed, so be careful. The ride continues over a short macadam road and at the intersection 13 (24,9 km from start), next to the house number 140, turn left. The route slowly turns and continues towards south, where you will pass by a mine cart, a monument to the coalmine Zajezda. Peaceful and picturesque asphalted road will lead you to the village of Budinšćina, where – at the roundabout 14 – you must continue left to the intersection 9, and at the intersection 8 you must continue straight forward.

The route continues down a narrow, asphalted road with almost no traffic, and at the intersection 15 (33,8 km from start) you must continue straight forward. Continue riding through the villages of Maretić and Jertovec, and in the village of Pešćeno you can make a short break next to the manor Pešćeno. Down the road, not far away from the manor, you will reach the section of the same route you came from, which will lead you back to the center of Konjščina, where this 42 km long route ends.

Technical description

  1. Route start in the center of Konjščina, at the parking lot
  2. Y intersection, continue left.
  3. T intersection, continue right.
  4. Y intersection, continue left.
  5. Intersection with a church. At the intersection turn right, and then take the first left trail uphill.
  6. T intersection, turn left.
  7. T intersection, carefully turn right downhill.
  8. T intersection, continue right.
  9. Caution! Intersection, continue carefully straight forward.
  10. Caution! T intersection. Turn left.
  11. Intersection with a shrine. Next to the shrine, you must turn left.
  12. Caution! T intersection, turn right. The intersection can be easily missed.
  13. T intersection next to the house number 140. Turn left.
  14. Caution! Intersection, turn carefully left.
  15. Intersection, continue straight forward.

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