Cycling Route Harmica - Rigonce
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Cycling Route Harmica – Rigonce

Harmica - Rigonce

This beautiful cycling route will take you through the cross-border area between Croatia and Slovenia. This area is famous for its numerous natural, cultural, tourist and historical sites, dotted with hills and valleys, streams and rivers.

You can start this route anywhere. For the purposes of this description, the route starts at the border between Croatia and Slovenia in the village of Harmica. You can finish this route in part, and for that, you will need a couple of days, or you can take only certain sections of the route. In its largest part, the route passes down the roads with reduced traffic, but in some places, you will have to take more busy roads, as stated in the description. The route can be perfectly connected to the local cycling routes. The route starts in Harmica, where will ride down the side roads in direction of Zaprešić. In Savski Marof, you will head towards north in direction of Marija Gorica. The route is slowly ascending. After Marija Gorica (13.5 km from the start), you ride down the ridge roads through the villages of Celine and Bobovec and soon you will reach Dubravica (22 km from the start). Continue through Donji Čemehovec to Kraljevec na Sutli and further towards Klanjec. The road is flat and pleasant. Pass by Klanjec (36 km from the start) and continue towards Kumrovec. If you want, you can climb up to the center of Klanjec. Soon you will pass the historic site Zelenjak and – after 42 km from the start – you will reach Kumrovec. Here you can rest and enjoy the historic sites.

The route continues through the villages of Zagorska Sela (47 km from the start) and Miljana (52 km from the start). In Miljana, the route goes along the cycling route Ride & Bike – Through the valley of the river Sutla. After Miljana, continue to the hilly area towards northeast. Soon you will reach the castle Veliki Tabor with a beautiful view of the surroundings. Continue through Desinić (60 km from the start) to Tuhelj and Tuhelj Spa (76 km from the start). Tuhelj spa are a great place for rest and recreation. Local road leads through the village of Ravnice and continues to Zabok. Zabok (91 km from the start) is a great place for vacation (or start) and it is well connected by train and roads.

After Zabok, continue to Oroslavje (97 km from the start). In this part of the road, be careful because of the busy roads. Soon you will pass through Stubičke Toplice (known recreational area) and Donja Stubica (105 km from the start). Be careful during the entire ride down the busy road. If necessary, use the sidewalks for safety reasons. Continue to Gornja Stubica. (Riding down the roads is getting more and more comfortable due to reduced traffic). Soon you will pass by the monument to the Seljačka buna – Peasants’ Revolt. Continue down the local roads through the villages of Pasanska Gorica and Selnica (116 km from the start). Soon you will reach Marija Bistrica (122 km from the start).

After Marija Bistrica, continue through Zlatar Bistrica to Zlatar (132 km from the start), after which the route is slowly moving westwards. Pass through the villages of Sutinske Toplice and Mače to the village of Radoboj (151 km from the start). The route in the area of Radoboj becomes hilly with beautiful views of the surroundings. Soon you will reach Krapina. Krapina is a great place for rest and relaxation. The route leads you over more and more hills and after Pregrada (171 km from the start),the cycling route starts ascending to the slopes of Kunagora. On Kunagora, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the entire Croatian Zagorje. Continue through the villages of Kostel, Druškovec Humski to Hum na Sutli (186 km from the start), where the route leads you further to Slovenia in the village of Rogatec.

Ride carefully through Rogatec towards west. After you turn left at the first major Y intersection, the riding gets more comfortable. Ride through Tržišče to Rogaška Slatina (known recreational area, 191 km from the start). Use the cycling trail for riding through Rogaška Slatina. Continue through Spodnje Negonje (short ride down a busy road) and Zgornja Kostrivnica. The route will further lead you down the picturesque roads with reduced traffic, where you will truly enjoy the ride. In Brezje pri Podplatu (199 km from the start), take a short ride down a macadam road. Soon you will pass through Topolovec. In the village of Pečica (202.5 km from the start), at the intersection, turn left downhill. Careful, the intersection could be easily missed. Continue along the narrow, asphalted road through the valley.

The route continues through Lemberg and Nova Vas pri Šmarju (207 km from the start). The route passes through a series of hills so you should drive slowly and keep your strength. Many places will offer you a wonderful view of the surrounding area, and the area is known for its wine roads. Pass through the villages of Okrog, Boletina i Ponikva (217 km from the start). After Ponikva, ride down a beautiful ridge road with view of the countryside. Continue through Hotunje and Kameno to Šentjur (225 km from the start). The village of Šentjur is perfect for rest and refreshment.

After Šentjur, continue riding down the local roads to Gorica pri Slivnici and Turno. After the village of Turno, at the T intersection (234 km from the start), the route turns right and starts climbing towards the village of Jelce. In the village of Jelce (237 km from the start), you will ride down the macadam section of the route, which is in good shape. As you continue climbing, the beautiful views of the surrounding area are opening up. In the village of Repuš (239 km from the start), you will be at the highest point of the route, but there are still many hills to ride ahead of you. Continue through the village of Ravno. In the village of Dobje, go to the main road that will take you to Planine pri Sevnici. In this part of the route, you should be cautious because of the traffic – especially on the ascent to Planina pri Sevnici. Soon you reach the village Planina pri Sevnici (249 km from the

The route will further lead you through the villages of Golobinjek and Vejice and continue towards the river Sava. After 255 km from the start, you will be riding down the valley and section of macadam road in the length of 1 km. After that, you will have to follow the road that leads you along the Sevnična river through the villages of Podgorje and Orešje. Soon you will reach Sevnica (268 km from the start). Sevnica is a great place for vacation. After Sevnica, the ride becomes much easier because you leave behind numerous hills and continue along the left bank of the river Sava. The ride is comfortable with beautiful views of the river Sava. After 287 km from the start, you will reach Krško – the cycling route is slowly approaching its end. After Krško, the road becomes busier, so you must ride carefully until the intersection in the village of Stari Grad (291.5 km from the start), where you should turn right by the railway. After that, ride down the peaceful road through the villages of Pesje and Zgornji Obrež to the village of Trebež. In Trebež, at intersection with the main road, turn right through Lenart. Cross the railway and turn right at the Y intersection (296.5 km from the start). Continue down the side roads to the center of Brežice and further through the village of Mostec to Dobova. Soon the cycling route ends after 307 km in the village of Rigonce by the border with Croatia.

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