The Bedeković Route – Bedekovčina
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The Bedeković Route – Bedekovčina

Bedekovčina – Kebel – Komor Začretski – Mirkovec – Kotarice – Bedekovčina
The Bedeković Route – Bedekovčina

Bedekovčina is often described as an old and noble town, much due to the rich legacy of one of the oldest Croatian noble families, namely the Bedeković Komorski family. Situated on top of a hill in Bedekovčina, overlooking the Krapina Valley and the northern slope of Medvednica, you will find the Baroque castle Gornja Bedekovčina with gardens that were renovated late last year and a promenade rich in flowers, ancient trees and paths open to the public.

However, the most beautiful feature of this area are the Bedekovčina Lakes, a popular place for swimming and walking activities. It also serves as the venue for numerous events such as the Summer on Bajeri, the Fair and Exhibition of Zagorje Wines, and the Igrajte Nam Mužikaši Festival (festival featuring the music of Zagorje).

The Bedeković Route is a route that requires superior physical fitness and more advanced cycling skills. We definitely recommend using a .gpx file for navigation. As it includes many intersections with main roads, you can adapt it to your own capabilities. So don’t worry too much and just enjoy the noble area of Bedekovčina, where every resident will be happy to help if you run into any kind of challenges.

The route starts at the parking lot near the Bedekovčina Lakes, towards the very heart of the municipality of Bedekovčina. Be careful as you cross the level crossing and turn left. In the town centre of Bedekovčina, turn right onto Ljudevit Gaj Street, B1, continue through the village and, as you make your way up a gentle uphill section, you will warm up your legs for the oncoming adventure. Having reached point B2, you will get a chance to test your bike on a forest road. Still, you will soon reach a gravel road leading beside the vineyards to the B3 intersection, where you need to make a sharp right turn. Continue up a gentle uphill section, followed by a long ride downhill along a gravel road. At the intersection of B4, turn right onto a steeper downhill section and you will reach the intersection with the main road leading to the village of Kebel. B5. Continue straight across the road, to the beginning of an uphill section along a gravel road, with beautiful landscape waiting as a reward at the top. Make a left at the B6 Y-junction and enjoy a real MTB ride and experience. Make a sharp left turn at the B7 intersection, then put some muscle into it as you pedal uphill to B8. Make a slight 100 m detour off the route to the south and you will have the opportunity to take a break at a great altitude with amazing views all around. From point B8, turn right westward, cue MTB ride leading to a hunting stand and further along the forest road to B9. Be sure to assess your own abilities at this intersection because you can shorten the route by about 7 km if you choose not go to the chapel of St. Vitus. But we definitely recommend going to the chapel, because the vantage point offers beautiful views of Zagorje, Ivanščica, Medvednica, and Strahinjščica. The route to the chapel goes from B9 to the right, to the north and towards the settlement of Vojnić Breg. You can expect a tough MTB ride, so be careful. Continue straight at the intersection B10, turn left at point B11. When you reach the B12 intersection, this is where the paved road begins, just as the uphill section leading to the chapel of St. Vitus at the top of Komor Začretski. Relax and enjoy.
The route loops back the same way to the B9 intersection. Turn right and take the gravel road to B13, where you need to make a sharp left turn. Continue until you reach the B14 Y-junction, make a sharp right turn to the

short uphill section and once again enjoy the off-road ride. Upon exiting the forest, B15, take the road to the right. Ride to the X intersection with the main road, B16, where you need to turn left, and after 170 m, right onto the local street. Climb! Make a sharp left turn at the B17 intersection, and when you reach the B18 intersection, turn right and continue cycling in the shade of the forest. Watch out for the B19 turn onto the single forest path and take the dirt road to the first vineyard house, then continue on the paved road towards the church of St. Barbara. Take a break, then continue until the end of the route. At the intersection before the Bedekovčina cemetery B20, make a sharp left turn, follow the road all the way to the B21 T-junction, then turn right eastward. Ride along the main road to the starting point. At the big B22 intersection, turn left, keeping an eye on the traffic, and ride through the town centre of Bedekovčina all the way to the B23 intersection. Now turn left, and cross over the level crossing to the starting position.
If you have managed to finish the entire route, congratulations – satisfaction is guaranteed.

The route is ideal for MTB/Gravel bikes, and you can easily and effortlessly ride an e-bike, as well. Stronger physical fitness and advanced cycling skills are needed. For additional information, contact the Heart of Zagorje Tourist Board.

For a safe and carefree ride, study the map and all the necessary information or hire a local licensed cycling guide. You can find a list of active and licensed guides here.

Technical description

Route start/endpoint: Bedekovčina – Bedekovčina Lakes parking lot. Head west; after the level crossing, turn left towards the town centre of Bedekovčina.

  1. Turn right onto Ljudevit Gaj Street. Keep to the main street until you reach point B2, which marks the end of the paved road.
  2. The beginning of the forest road. Ride your bike carefully.
  3. T-junction. Make a sharp turn right, towards the rising slope.
  4. Y-junction of gravel roads. Turn right downhill.
  5. X-junction with the main road. Continue straight onto the gravel road, with the upcoming uphill section featuring spectacular views.
  6. Y-junction. Turn left.
  7. Turn left.
  8. X-junction. Continue straight, take a break, enjoy the views. On the way back from the rest area, turn left.
    – Lookout point
    – Hunting stand – Cycle right along the forest
  9. Intersection; St. Vitus – starting point. The route leads to St. Vitus. Continue westwards; in 3.5 km, you will reach the Chapel of St. Vitus, offering beautiful views of the entire region of Zagorje. On the way back from St. Vitus, turn right in the direction leading back towards the starting point.
  10. X-junction with the main road leading to Sekirišće. Continue straight north.
  11. Y-junction. Turn left.
  12. Y-junction with the paved road. Make a right turn towards the rising slope. At the top of the uphill section where you reach the Chapel of St. Vitus.
    – The Chapel of St. Vitus – The route leads back to point B9 along the same road.
  13. Y-junction. Turn sharp left.
  14. Y-junction. Make a sharp left turn towards the rising slope.
  15. Intersection. Continue straight west.
  16. CAUTION! T-junction with the main road. Turn left, then right after 170 m.
  17. Y-junction. Turn sharp left.
  18. Y-junction. Turn right.
  19. Intersection. Turn left onto the forest trail.
    – Church of St. Barbara
  20. Y-junction following the Church of St. Barbara, before the cemetery. Turn sharp left.
  21. T-junction with the main road. Turn right. The road leads to the town centre of Bedekovčina.
  22. CAUTION! Intersection with the main road. Turn left, and ride along the road through the centre to B23.
  23. T-junction. Turn left and, after 300 m, turn right over the railway tracks. You will reach the starting point of the route.

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